Germany has many old school buildings that do not meet the current building standards therefore many require renovations. Studies show schools are an important living space for students as well as a place of learning and may have a beneficial positive atmosphere.

The Theodor-Heuss School project was constructed in two phases. The first one was completed in 2011 and the second started in winter 2012. The goal of the renovation was to install a durable, high-quality floor. The architect and client were interested in classic terrazzo, but were bound by a limited installation schedule. Traditional terrazzo floors take months to complete.


  • Fast-track installation
  • Design must meet new building standards
  • High traffic area
  • 700 m2 installation area


ARDEX Germany offered PANDOMO by ARDEX to meet the requirements of the installation schedule. PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic white and locally sourced aggregates were selected by the client and the architect. PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic requires only days for installation instead of the months required for classic terrazzo and is also highly durable, so it was the perfect choice to meet the requirements of the architect.

In the first three days, PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic white was installed to a depth of 70mm. The product cured in 48 hours and the grinding process commenced. For the finishing touches any pores were filled and the floor was sealed.

The combination of the new PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic floor’s reflectivity and the large deep windows resulted in maximum daylight in the rooms. The simple terrazzo style floor seemed to make the areas look very spacious and open. The new areas have become meeting points for the school.


Installer/Applicator: Kessler GmbH – Schliengen, Germany
Architect: hotz + architekten – Freiburg, Germany

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