The newly refurbished Faculty of Engineering and IT at University of Technology, Sydney, has featured Ardex panDOMO heavily throughout the multi-million dollar project. panDOMO is a range of advanced cement finishes suitable for the floor, wall and ceiling from Ardex Australia which give a stylish and robust design and can be used to open up a wealth of exclusive design options.

Over 5000 sqm of Ardex panDOMO FloorPlus was installed to fourteen levels of lift lobbies as well as promenades and walkways throughout the Faculty at Broadway giving a truly unique finish to the campus.


The overall project which was led by Lend Lease and designed by Denton Corker Marshall cost $200M and took more than three years to complete. The panDOMO installation took six months and is one of the largest projects in Australia to date.

“Due to significant irregularities in the structural concrete substrate, this job proved to be quite challenging,” explained Fabian Morgan, Sales and Marketing Director, Ardex Australia. “We firstly had to correct all the floor heights and spent two months shaving high spots in concrete and filling up to 40mm of Ardex K 80 in the low areas.”


The UTS refurbishment was the first installation in Australia where a continuous pump was used to install panDOMO. “Importing a specialised pump from Germany made it possible to install 500 sqm of panDOMO in two hours and ensured that Honestone, the projector contractor could meet the very tight schedule for this project,” added Morgan. “Honestone has vast experience and unsurpassed quality in commercial flooring making them the natural choice for this project.

“Ardex Australia was pleased to be part of this project and help create an iconic, pedestrian friendly university,” said Morgan. “The overall finish of this project is second to none and will stand the test of time for generations of academics to come.”

Whether seeking a classic, refined, homogenous or entirely unique style, panDOMO floor toppings and wall finishes offer the perfect, cost effective solution for any project.


INSTALLER: Honestone
BUILDER: Lend Lease
ARCHITECT: Denton Corker Marshall

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