ARDEX’s approach to PreFab and Modular Construction

Enabled through digital technology, global labor and skills shortage, PreFab is disrupting the construction industry.
It’s a uniquely different industry that requires specialized products to achieve the best possible automation and efficiency. At ARDEX we pride ourselves in our innovation focus, and for Prefab and Modular, that means developing solutions suitable to your specific needs, tailored to your manufacturing process.
The various brands of the ARDEX Group enable us to draw from a global pool of resources and respond to the needs of individual customer segments and geographical markets. And our approach includes field support, technical training, education and testing. Through our dedicated technical service teams, we offer access to a wide array of expertise to support our customer’s unique operations and supply a full solution for both products and services to support the most efficient processes.
As an innovation leader in our industry, we welcome the opportunity to develop customized solutions for our customers’ needs and to be a partner for the PreFab industry.

Product Segments

  • Precast
  • Elements
  • Prefabricated Bathroom units/pods (PBU)
  • Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)

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Our PreFab & Modular Segments

Prefabricated Bathroom Pods & Units (PBU)

Oftentimes, the tiling process creates bottlenecks in the production of Prefabricated Bathroom Units. ARDEX offers a full system from waterproofing to tiling and shower drains, as well as improvements in the speed and quality of your installation.
It minimizes the risk of transport damage through vibration, it is proven for long-term success and can be tailored to increase the product efficiency in the factory. Unique features like edge profiles, electric underfloor heating and innovative shower drainage systems for floor-level showers can also be flexibly combined with a wide range of system components. The ARDEX systems are suitable for timber-/wood-, steel- and GRP-framed modules as well as concrete.
Together with you, our customers, we develop self-supporting wall as well as individual floor elements with low weight. The floor element is the basis for every PBU and usually determines the further construction of the bathroom module. Long drying times, high weight, sound insulation requirements have to be aligned. Whether shower systems with point or linear drainage, whether with a classic shower element or a complete system including integrated drainage technology: thanks to the diverse product systems of the ARDEX Group, we can offer suitable solutions for any desired system structure. The focus remains on the implementation of customized solutions to achieve low superstructure heights with low weight.

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)

PPVC construction can be very complex depending on the design variation and the customer’s preference. Over the years, the ARDEX Group has developed expertise for practically all flooring and wall installation systems ranging from subfloor preparation material to adhesives. These full system solutions ensures both premium quality and products with a long-standing track record of global performance.

Through its network of international subsidiaries and our global footprint, ARDEX can offer to support both the onsite installation and the production processes. Depending on your particular production process, ARDEX can collaborate with you to develop a finished product to fulfill the requirements of your customer for years to come.


Precast elements have become an important part of the building structure. ARDEX Prefab system solutions offer methods to flatten and level precast surfaces with high quality coupled with time and labor savings. Understanding the importance of the structural integrity of large precast elements, we provide the technology to repair concrete structures and edges. Completing our system offering for precast solutions, our product range also includes curing compounds, non-shrink grouts and bonding agents.


Prefabrication “elements” can cover a variety of segments. Surface Construction Boards for instance, are used in wet areas such as bathrooms. For these installations, it is critical that the boards can be worked with easily on the construction site during the finishing process. ARDEX can supply various types of coatings for different types of boards, including a range of mortars that can be applied on-site to receive tiles or other floor and wall coverings.

Prefabricated Floor Elements are another important aspect of Prefab. ARDEX has developed cutting-edge technology in the area of floor patches, screeds, levelers and adhesives. Both ARDEX patching and self-leveling compounds provide a smooth and level basis for the floor covering. Whether the adhesive is rolled, poured or trowel-applied, ARDEX can supply or develop the appropriate product and integrated system.

Lastly, prefabricated wall elements come with a set of different requirements, depending on the degree of finishing work done offsite. From wet room boards and renders to tiles, ARDEX can be the partner of choice for the wall finishing process. These products can be efficiently applied by roller, trowel or spray, which can save you time and labor.

PreFabricated & Modular Construction Innovations

In addition to the challenges of producing high-quality prefabricated elements off-site, it is also important to achieve weight savings per module. The ARDEX Group offers numerous solutions for wall and floor structures that make it possible to reduce the weight of a bathroom module enormously.
With wedi wall modules the degree of prefabrication of the wall elements can be tailored to your needs: from factory-integrated electrical, cold and hot water lines to load-bearing reinforcements, cable ducts or empty pipes to ready-made technical components and fittings. Thanks to the high degree of prefabrication, many time-consuming and risky work steps are eliminated when creating a bathroom module.
Other products of the ARDEX Group include self-levelers, patches, mortars and much more. And all of these products have one thing in common: they offer innovative, unique features that can help Prefab projects stay on time, work more smoothly in less steps and guarantee high-quality standards that will stand the test of time.

We are committed to fostering strategic partnerships that enhance our ability to deliver innovative building solutions. Our collaborations span across a diverse range of industry specialists and organizations. We have dedicated teams comprising technical experts, sales, and architectural professionals who work closely with our partners to ensure seamless integration of services.
ARDEX is a member of the Modular Building Institute, and we advocate for advanced construction methods that increase efficiency and sustainability in the sector. Furthermore, our partnership with BIMobject serves as the backbone of Prefab – a testament to our commitment towards embracing cutting-edge technology and digitization. Additionally, we collaborate with various Prefab and Offsite companies around the globe, expanding our reach and enhancing our capacity to deliver high-performance specialty building products. Through these synergistic relationships, we continue to uphold our reputation as a leading solution provider in the construction industry.

Our approach is customer-centric; we value the voice of our clients, using their feedback as an instrumental tool in developing relevant, cutting-edge innovations. We have a team of dedicated R&D and field experts located around the globe that are working with our industry partners to develop innovations for the future.
Moreover, we take pride in being partners with the Greenbuilding Council, reflecting our commitment towards sustainable practices. The fusion of these elements promises not just advancement but also sustainability in the realm of prefabrication.

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