One thing is essential for every floor covering: an absolutely functional, flat subfloor.

As a first step to achieving this, ARDEX offers a selection of primer coatings capable of priming and consolidating even instable, critical substrates and filling any cracks. If there is variation in the subfloor, ARDEX provides a broad range of levelling compounds, ranging in installation thickness, application and curing time as well as the suitable substrates.

For more specialized projects, Gutjahr additionally offers German engineered, high-performance uncoupling and heating systems uniquely designed with the installer in mind. From a 100% true uncoupling, loose laid membrane, to high strength for intense traffic installations and floor warming comfort, the products are tied into complete system solutions for any uncoupling and floor warming installation.

ARDEX specialist building materials create a perfect substrate for subsequent laying work and adhesive setting. And everything is environmentally friendly, because all ARDEX products are solvent-free. All this adds up to solutions you can trust.


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