• This is the busiest IKEA shop in China’s capital city Beijing and even in Asia.
  • This is a steel construction building with total area of 60,000m2 including the car parking.
  • The average traffic flow is about 40,000 people.
  • The flooring was really bad even after repairing for several times.


  • The existing substrate damaged seriously and the steel structure is a little flexible for concrete and other cement products.
  • Very high traffic load and forklift fast turning.
  • Due to noise concern, the application is only permitted at night.
  • Each segment open for repair work should be finished renovating within 7-10 days.


As the busiest IKEA shop in CN, it has the highest turnover around the country. Thus, the owner is not willing to shut down the whole shop, and they even don’t want the customers to be annoyed by the installation noise. So in the end, the owner required all the installation should be conducted in the night time, when there is no customer in the shop.

To minimize the affection to the shop, the whole renovation area is divided into several segments and each segment should be renovated within 10 days. The renovation work contains remove of damaged concrete and replace with ARDEX A35 fast curing leveling mortar, or repair of concrete with ARDEX R2PE epoxy coating. After the leveling, ARDEX K31 high strength self leveling underlayment is applied for smoothing the surface before applying the floor adhesive ARDEX AF2510.

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