Sølvgade Kaserne (Silver Street Barracks) has been converted into modern housing for students. Among the many upgrades, new linoleum and vinyl floors have been added with over 100 tonnes of EC1-labeled levelling compound and floor adhesives from ARDEX, which contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

Just in front of the Royal Garden and the National Museum of Art in central Copenhagen, the Sølvgade Kaserne has opened the doors for hundreds of students in August 2015. The building, dating back to 1771, has been building premises for DSB’s headquarters (The Danish State Railways) for almost a hundred years, but has now been transformed into a modern college.


Thomas Morén is the director of the flooring company ATZ Multiservice ApS, who was responsible for the floor work at Sølvgade Kaserne. He talks about the extensive project where the company had a total of 18 men working from June 2015 until August this year:
“The original parquet floors in rooms, hallways and common areas have been coated with linoleum with impact sound reduction, while in all bathrooms we have used vinyl. It has been important to make strong and completely even subfloors that ensured that the new floorings can be used for the next many years.” He continues:
“The buildings are big and old and built after old time of construction traditions. This means that there have been almost not two identical rooms. Every time we started a new room, we had to do things a little bit differently to make sure the details were correct and the result optimal. It is certainly not every day that you have the opportunity to work on such special buildings.”


ATZ Multiservice ApS has cooperated closely with the manufacturer ARDEX, which has delivered over 100 tonnes of materials for the construction work, which comprises approx. 25,000 sqm floor space.

Thus, all the worn parquet floors have been levelled with two layers of 3 mm ARDEX K 22 F fiber-reinforced gypsum compound, which is self-leveling and thus optimized the flooring process. For the floor covering, ATZ Multiservice ApS used the ARDEX AF 145 floor adhesive with long assembly time and high final strength, which helped to reinforce the overall floor structure.

Both materials are also solvent-free, low-emission and labeled with EMICODE EC1. Thus, they contribute to a healthy indoor climate at the new college.
“On a project of this size it is crucial that you as a contractor use products that ensure high momentum in the construction process and provide the right quality to the finished result. Here, the ARDEX materials primarily have the advantage to reduce waiting times for hardening and drying and you can use time more efficiently, “Thomas Morén emphasizes.

The refurbishment was projected by Above the City Architects in collaboration with the Cultural Board, the City of Copenhagen and the Real Estate Company Norden.


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