Constructed in one of Mumbai’s upcoming neighborhoods, Raheja Legend, a luxury residential tower, houses a parking garage. ARDEX ENDURA recommended ARDEX CPS Car Park System for the parking garage but the system required installation of a proper foundation. With a minimum amount of time for the project and a maximum thickness requirement of 20mm, ARDEX recommended the use of ARDEX A37 ‘7 Day’ Screed Cement to fulfill foundation requirements.


  • Fast-track installation
  • Minimum allowed thickness of 20mm
  • High-quality installation
  • Guaranteed wear and tear protection


After ARDEX Technical Service installed a test area to demonstrate how to properly install the system, Construction Specialties took the lead with ARDEX on site to address installation questions.

Contactors cleaned the slab to solid concrete to ensure no bond breakers would cause an installation failure. A brush coat of ARDEX P 51 Primer mixed 1:1 with clean water and ARDEX A37 mixed 1:1 with 0-4mm sand was applied. ARDEX A37 screed was installed as an underlayment because it can be used indoors and outdoors and prevents problems in areas exposed to the elements. ARDEX A37 also can be installed quickly using a standard forced action mixer or a screed pump. It cures fast enough to open to traffic in just eight hours and can handle loads after one day. In areas where the screed required installation thickness of 20mm, installers had one hour of working time to make sure the requirement was met. Once the ARDEX 37 cured for seven days, the contractors could move to the next phase of the installation.

The final stage was the installation of the ARDEX CPS Car Park System, a multi-layer flooring system. Each layer of ARDEX CPS chemically reacts to create a strong modified polyurethane topping that provides superior protection and wear resistance. The first two coats of ARDEX CPS are a primer followed by an anti-slip grain blinder. After drying for 16 hours, excess anti-slip grains are removed. Contractors installed ARDEX CPS Wear Coat using rubber squeegees and flat trowels. Finally, the ARDEX CPS Top Coat was added with a flat trowel. Other contractors could continue working after only 24 hours. Because of the speed and quality of ARDEX products, the garage was ready to accept vehicles after five days.

While this installation used grey concrete, ARDEX CPS Car Park System is available in many RAL shades and is able to maintain consistent color because of built-in UV protection. ARDEX CPS is also water tight to prevent leakage to areas below and resists many common chemicals found in a parking area. With all these benefits in mind and the assistance of ARDEX Technical Support, ARDEX CPS is the best choice for installation success for parking garages or parking garage refurbishments.

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