The great city of Prague on the banks of the Vltava is one of the oldest and largest in Central Europe. Besides boasting a huge variety of culture and diverse architectural styles, it is also home to the famous football club Bohemians 1905, whose stadium has been given a facelift in the shape of refurbished grandstands.


Of course, this project called for nothing but the very best quality products. And what product could be better than ARDEX S 21? This water- and frost-resistant, rapid-hardening floor tile bedding mortar is also able to repair damage and compensate for uneven substrates indoors and out. Wearing courses make use of the stable and rapid-setting ARDEX A 46 external repair mortar. Not just easy to use, this product also withstands freezing temperatures and de-icing salts in accordance with Austrian standard ÖNORM B 3303, and is ready to accept foot traffic within just a few hours.

Visible success is certainly the nicest form of recognition. Viewed in this way, fans can now feel confident again about sitting in the uppermost row.

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