The Prestige Shantiniketan consists of 603,869 m2 (6,500,000 f2) of residential, commercial and leisure areas contained in a community of 23 towers, parking garages and parks. This project took nearly five years to complete, and as time was running, the interior flooring needed to be completed quickly. ARDEX ENDURA was called in to offer fast-track solution.


  • 400,000 m2 (4,305,564.17 f2)
  • Fast-track installation
  • Limited time for underlayment curing


ARDEX ENDURA recommended ARDEX CL11 Commercial Leveling & Smoothing Compound be installed by Siddhi Coatings. Siddhi Coatings, a preferred ARDEX ENDURA installer, has attended ARDEX ENDURA product training and is trained on the ARDEX products installation. ARDEX CL11 can be pumped into place and receives most floor coverings in 24 hours. ARDEX CL11 also saved time as other trades could walk on the installation and continue their work in two to three hours.

To prepare the concrete slabs to receive ARDEX CL11, Siddhi Coatings made sure the slabs were clean of debris and any contaminates that could break the bond between the underlayment and the structural slab. Once the areas were clean and dry, ARDEX P 51 Concentrated Water-Based Primer and Bonding Agent was diluted with water and applied with a soft broom. ARDEX P 51 improves the bond between the substrate and leveling compound. ARDEX P 51 takes three to 24 hours to dry, minimizing the amount of down time on site. After the ARDEX P 51 was dry Siddhi Coatings pumped the ARDEX CL11 into place for a fast-track installation of the wood flooring.

ARDEX ENDURA and Siddhi Coatings were able to install all products within the required time- frame. ARDEX ENDURA Technical Service Department remained on site for the installation of ARDEX CL11 in 3000 residential flats to ensure a successful installation.


Installer: Siddhi Coatings – Mumbai, India
General Contractor: IJM (India) Infrastructure Limited – Hyderabad, India
Architect: RSP Architects (Alexander Architects Pvt. Ltd.) – Bangalore, India

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