Porsche, one of the most famous luxury cars manufacturer, has set up showrooms and workshops all over the world to showcase their world-class craftsmanship in vehicle quality. Besides its showrooms, Porsche also had high visual and functional requirements for their aftersales service centre in Hong Kong, as they wanted to offer premium customer experience in every point of touch, even in the car maintenance and repair process.


Chemical resistance for sure is the key factor for the client to consider.
The Porsche workshops had frequent vehicle in and out, so the chemicals emited from it might cause erosion on the floor tile and the grout.


The client wanted the 7000m2 floor tile in the workshops to be extreme appealing and also long-lasting. Ardex EG2 was specified in the project. It was selected to cater two issues – chemical resistance and ease of application. On one hand, the epoxy-based EG2 has excellent chemical resistance which made it very suitable to be used in the workshop. On the other hand, when compared to the ordinary epoxy-based grout, EG2 has high viscosity and is extremely easy for workers to manipulate during application, even for narrow joints.It made the application process much easier. Also for the client, EG2 was an excellent option for them to keep the tile system durable while not sacrificing good tile appearance.


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