Verallia, a world leader in glass, wine and spirits packaging, produces more than 25 billion bottles and glass jars each year for its more than 10,000 customers in 46 countries around the world.


When producing glass bottles and jars lots of them broken and small glass pieces and glass sand is spread all over the floor. That glass sand is very aggressive to flooring and so a very resistant flooring was needed to refurbish the factory floors. Another challenge was that the floor must be very smooth and anti-slip. The job was done by areas in order not to disturb the normal activity of the factory.


Taking into account all the customer’s needs, the solution selected was to install an ARDEX R70P flooring. ARDEX R70P is a self-levelling polyurethane(pu)-cement mortar with a high mechanical (compressive strength> 45 N/mm2) and wear resistance (Abrasion resistance: Classified ‘Special Duty’ under BS 8204:Part 2: 2002(9)) which, although being very smooth, is absolutely anti-slip (pendulus test values >45). After mechanical substrate preparation according Ardex Application Guide, the floor was primed with ARDEX R3E moisture tolerant 100% solids epoxy primer. Once the primer was cured (approx. 8 h) 4 mm of ARDEX R70P were applied in one operation. This system was selected, in addition to its resistance, by its speed of application compared to the epoxy multilayer systems.


Applicator: SUETEC, S.L.

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