Times Square was officially opened in April 1994 and is one of Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall and one of the most popular tourist destination in Hong Kong. Situated at Causeway Bay, the most vibrant mega-mall in town with foot traffic over 150 thousand each day.

In early of May 2013, the Facility Management (FM) Team from the Times Square Limited started to look for a suitable methodology and a reliable product for the flooring renovation work at the Basement one.


For the 750m2 flooring renovation work, they planned to divided into 10 phases and all the work should be done overnight after the weekend.

“With ARDURAPID-Effect” , “Walk ability after 3 hours” & “Ready to receive any floor coverings after 1 day” are the features of ARDEX A 35.

Site work was commenced on 26th August 2013 and to be completed by 27th November 2013.

We are not only to provide engineered solutions but follow through until the client’s satisfaction.


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