When Widex began building their new headquarters, they desired an environmental flooring solution that aligned with their corporate business model. Widex also needed a system that would resist crack telegraphing and could be installed at a thickness of 2mm. With these challenges in mind, the contractor was worried they would not be able to meet their fast-approaching deadline.


  • Environmental considerations during the construction process
  • Cover existing cracking on a molded deck
  • 2 mm (.0787 inch) thick
  • Fast-track installation


ARDEX Technical Service Representatives recommended the Asnaes Carpet Center contractors use ARDEX K 14 System Leveling Compound. ARDEX K 14 was the natural choice, because it has a GEV-EMICODE rating of EC 1. GEV-EMICODE is a green quality control rating that ensures a product has very low or no solvent content that contributes to indoor air pollution caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). ARDEX K 14 can also be poured to a depth as low as 1.5 mm when needed over dense or primed areas.

To start the process, ARDEX Technical Service Representatives completed a demonstration on site. This product demonstration proved the recommended system would meet Asnaes Carpet Center’s time constraints and prevent a third party from having to assist in the installation.

With confidence Asnaes Carpet Center started the installation. In the areas where the concrete slab had cracked, ARDEX K 22 F Fiber Reinforced, Calcium Sulfate Leveling Compound filled the larger cracks. ARDEX EP 2000™ Substrate Preparation Epoxy Primer was then used to fill the smaller cracks and prepare the cement for the ARDEX K 14 topping over areas of substrate cracking. ARDEX EP 2000 can be used as crack filler and helps prevent cracks from telegraphing.

In areas where the concrete had not cracked, Asnaes Carpet Center used ARDEX A 31 Primerless Fine Filler to fill defects in the concrete substrate and then coated the slab with ARDEX P 51™ Primer. ARDEX P 51 is solvent free and has no VOCs. ARDEX P 51 also greatly improves the bond of ARDEX toppings and greatly increases the strength of the bond between the ARDEX K 14 and the substrate.

With the help of ARDEX Technical Service, Widex Headquarters was completed on time. The new Widex Headquarters hosts 800 employees and is a prime example of an environmental building. With green construction products, an onsite windmill and solar paneling, the Widex building is CO2 neutral and delivers excess power to the local grids.


GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Asnaes Carpet Center – Asnaes, Denmark
ARCHITECT: White Architects – Copenhagen, Denmark

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