The Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, formerly Madrid-Barajas Airport, is a Spanish public airport owned by Aena located in the vicinity of the city of Madrid, the capital of Spain. It is the first Spanish airport for passenger traffic, air cargo and operations, as well as the fifth in Europe and twenty-fourth in the world by number of passengers.


The main challenge in this operation was to refurbish the complete area without closing the airport foot traffic. The old natural stones should be removed, the substrate repaired and the new stones installed over nights and without staining the new light natural stone slabs. The works were done in areas of about 100sqm each night.


Once the old natural stones were removed ARDEX A 35 Screed was the next step in the Madrid-barajas floor installation. ARDEX A 35 is an Ardurapid® cement (which means rapid setting and drying due to water combination inside the mortar) for floor screeds with a high compressive strength (≥35 N/mm2) wich was applied applied bonded to the existing substrate. The installation followed by placing the new natural stone tiles using ARDEX N23W, white natural stone adhesive due to the light color of the stones, and then grout with ARDEX MG Grout. ARDEX N23W and ARDEX MG grout were selected because of its Ardurapid® formulation, which allows the mortars to dry internally preventing moisture from staining the natural stone.


Contractor: DRAGADOS

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