The tile and grout installed at the Ritz Carlton was cracking with regular construction traffic, because the sound insulation system was moving. Tim Ellison, Regional Tile & Stone Specialist for ARDEX alerted the ARDEX Southern California Team that Jeffrey Nolen with Boyken International, Owners Representative for the Ritz Carlton, was concerned about the the performance of the Ecore QTrbm Sound Insulation System and ARDEX FB 9L™ setting material. A meeting was set for Ecore and ARDEX to review the installation.

John Inouye of ARDEX reviewed the areas that were compromised and determined the problem was being caused by an uneven concrete substrate. Jeff Mason, ARDEX Western Regional Manager suggested John visit the project with enough ARDEX TL 1000™ to perform a one room demo.


John Inouye visited the site with Doug Spenser of Quality Concrete, an ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer™ to assist with the ARDEX TL 1000 installation. Jeffrey Nolen was very impressed with the results, and inquired about an ARDEX warranty. ARDEX provided a 10 year warranty for the ARDEX TL1000 with the installation performed by Quality Concrete. Also extended to the Ritz Carlton, was an ARDEX Tile & Stone Installation 10 Year Extended Warranty for ARDEX FB 9L ShearFlex™ Thin Set used with ARDEX Flex Sanded™ Grouts and ARDEX Flex™ Caulk.
Nearly 3,500 bags of ARDEX TL 1000 Self-Leveling Underlayment were poured to ensure a smooth, flat, level surface to receive the sound insulation system and setting materials. The project was set with almost 3,100 bags of ARDEX FB 9L. More than 275 bags of ARDEX Flex Sanded Grout provided a smooth, beautiful finish with ARDEX Flex Caulk (color; Antique).

The tile installer had delayed the ordering of the ARDEX FB 9L and then wanted to switch the spec to substitute a Laticrete thin set which was available more immediately. Jeffrey Nolen would not allow the spec switch, citing swift customer service, strong warranties, and the quality and performance of ARDEX products.

In addition, Garvis Yearack, ARDEX Sales Professional worked with Mineger Contracting on the same project and obtained a contract for 135 units on the ground floor using 800 bags of ARDEX K-15™ Self-Leveling Underlayment. Strong customer service and technical expertise resulted in a successful installation with beautiful results.


Installers: Quality Concrete, Minegar Contracting Architect: SB Architects

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