The Red Market in Macau is the only active wet market in Macau that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. The building is built in 1936. As the most trafficked wet market in Macau, inside there are three busy floors of seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables and other sundries. Since it is a heritage protected by the law, routine maintenance works are necessary to keep the building’s integrity.


In the wet market environment, the floor is always subject to heavy traffic and water. So the grouting are prone to trap moisture and dirt. The heavy traffic would also easily cause damage to the grouting, causing it to lose its original functionality.


Ardex EG2 grout was specified in the project. The robustness and the water resistance of the ARDEX EG2 are the two key factors for client to select the product. First of all, epoxy-based grouting is extremely water resistance when compared to cement-based grouting. This further minimize the risk of water leakage to the below level. Also, due to its high stain resistance properties, it could virtually eliminates common stains and dirt pick up. EG2 also has excellent abrasion resistance thanks to its high compressive strength, making it perfect for high traffic areas.

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