The Giant Panda House is located in Ocean Park. It is home for not only two giant pandas Yingying and Lele, but also many rare and cute animals such as cuddly red pandas and giant salamander.


Repair a 200m2 defective floor in 24 hours.


Existing flooring of the Panda House were found debonded, cracks and broken. This is not only a substandard appearance but also a hygiene issue for the Pandas.

A 24-hour-renovation for the floor was planned. Scope of work including hacking off of the existing defective floor around 500m2 in 6 hours. Install a new screeding (ARDEX A35) and a rapid dry self-levelling (ARDEX R 105 E).

Products with Ardurapid™ formulation like ARDEX A35, offer the perfect solution as it provides a rapid dry function and allow the next step of work to go on. Water being mixed in our product will be dried by chemical reaction which is a totally different concept than in the other ordinary products.

ARDEX Engineered Solution presents a new house for our Pandas in only 24 hours!


Installer: Kingsley Specialist Engineering Ltd.

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