The new Panda House was built on the location of the old Seac Pai Van Park Zoo on the island of Coloane. The architecture of the enclosure was designed to mimic the natural roll of the terrain. It is clad with the highly transparent Texlon® ETFE foils to create an enclosed controllable environment for the pandas that did not require the supply of artificial light. The owner and the operator of the Panda House was looking for a reliable solution for a new coating of the Panda House flooring.


ARDEX was invited to propose a water-base, easy to apply and almost maintenance-free floor coating for that project.

To ensure a safe environment for the Panda, comply with the FDA 21 CFR standard will be a perfect solution. The application must be:
Ensuring proper ventilation, keep substrate dry at moisture level below 4%.
Apply by brush and roller at specified coverage depending on substrate absorption.

Features of ARDEX R30TE including:-

  • 100% water based, < 1% VOCs. Complies FDA 21 CFR standards for safety food contact
  • Hardness > 3H, may withstand heavy mechanical and chemical loading
  • High gloss, semi-self leveling finish
  • Excellent chemical resistance


Owner: Instituto para os Assuntos Civicos e Municipals

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