Natural stone puts even the professionals to the test time. So it’s good to know ARDEX, the provider of choice for high-quality special products, also has prime solutions. Tastes may vary, but clients’ wishes are invariably the same: They always want the best results and the very best workmanship, irrespective of how demanding the conditions may be.

In this case, the contractor, Gasteiger from Kitzbühel, was confronted with the client’s request to achieve perfect integration of the most diverse natural stone variations in likewise diverse applications – reliably and using just one adhesive concept throughout for all the different types of stone. Whether living room, bathroom or swimming pool, abs


Consequently, the Gasteiger team placed its faith in a reliable all-rounder: the flexible ARDEX X 32 adhesive. This product is easy to work with and offers a high coverage – factors that are just as important as freedom from efflorescence and discolouration with any type of natural stone. Furthermore, ARDEX X 32 is a veritable universal genius: It is suitable for a range of bed thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm, dries quickly thanks to the crystalline binding of water, is ideal for underfloor heating and is ready for grouting and foot traffic after just three hours.

The following ARDEX products were also used:
ARDEX WA epoxide adhesive system for bedding and grouting the Bisazza mosaic tiles in the swimming pool as well as the mosaic tiles in bathrooms and showers. ARDEX 8+9 for waterproofing in bathrooms and showers. And on the terrace: natural stone tiles laid in a sand bed on AquaDrain T+ surface drainage from GUTJAHR, including 50 m of drain grates.


Gasteiger from Kitzbühel

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