ARDEX suggested using ARDEX K 15® Premium Self-Leveling Underlayment. To prove that ARDEX K 15 would be up to the challenge, ARDEX Technicians installed a 30 m2 (322 ft2) mockup section so the architects and client could see what the finished floor would look like.

The test area was first mechanically prepared to a layer of clean, solid concrete and primed with ARDEX EP 2000™ Substrate Preparation Epoxy Primer. ARDEX EP 2000 was used because if offers superior resistance to cracking when used with ARDEX K 15 and it can be used to fill small cracks in the existing concrete. Once the ARDEX EP 2000 was applied, a sand broadcast was utilized to further strengthen the bond between the primer and topping. ARDEX EP 2000 takes approximately 16 hours to cure, so there was a minimal delay before ARDEX K 15 could be poured.

ARDEX K 15 was suggested for this particular installation because it is easy to apply and it is designed for fast track applications. When mixed with water, ARDEX K 15 has a smooth fluid consistency that can be applied in a layer up to 35mm and be featheredged to meet existing elevations. Once cured the ARDEX K 15 was sealed with a soft soap application. The use of soft soap offered an individual looking treatment to the concrete floor while helping repel dirt and staining.

Impressed with the results of the test application and the ARDEX Technical Service Department, the architects and client decided to use this application throughout the museum. Once completed, ARDEX K 15 flowed through the museum providing an almost seamless design. On sloping floor areas, installers mixed ARDEX K 15 with less water. This prevented ARDEX K 15 from settling at the base of the slope and allowed the use of one product throughout the museum for a monolithic floor.


  • 1,150 m2 (12,378 ft2) installation area
  • Durable, raw, concrete floor
  • Installation in galleries, a foyer, a café and an auditorium


INSTALLER: DBI Commercial Floors –Brønderslev, Denmark
ARCHITECTS: PLH Architects – Copenhagen, Denmark

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