Renowned manufacturer of quality flooring systems, ARDEX UK, teamed up with the UK’s leading flooring contractor, Loughton Contracts, to deliver a 40,000m2 flooring refurbishment at Heathrow Airports Terminal 1. Boasting an excellent portfolio of successful large-scale commercial installations, the proven duo specified the perfect ARDEX System Solution, which enabled final floorcoverings to be laid at the earliest opportunity.

The recent refurbishment of Terminal 1, which handles around 12 million passengers yearly, encompassed the check-in, baggage system and arrivals concourse, resulting in passengers experiencing a faster and more comfortable journey from check-in to take off.


  • A 40,000m2 large-scale commercial installations
  • The frefurbishment handles around 12 million passengers yearly encompassed the check-in, baggage system and arrivals concourse.


Once the existing floorcoverings had been uplifted and the subfloors mechanically prepared, ARDEX’s most revered low odour latex smoothing compound, ARDITEX NA was applied. A self-smoothing, protein free latex levelling compound, ARDITEX NA has been developed for use on virtually all substrates and it can be laid from a feather edge up to at least 12mm in a single application. In addition, thicknesses up to 30mm are possible when ARDEX Aggregate is incorporated into the mix. Offering excellent properties of adhesion and flexibility, ARDITEX NA is perfect for levelling concrete, cement/sand screeds, flooring grade asphalt, quarry tiles and even internal steel decks without priming. The ammonia free formulation proved an added bonus, making it perfect for use in such a high trafficked public area.

A combination of floorcoverings from Nora Flooring Systems UK Limited, namely Nora Ultra Grip rubber safety flooring with increased slip resistance, and Norament 925 Grano rubber floor covering for extra high traffic areas, were fixed with ARDEX AF 2300 advanced adhesive. Ideal for use with rubber floorcoverings, ARDEX AF 2300 is a single part, water-based, low odour and solvent free adhesive. The adhesive offers very good early and long term adhesive strength, and allows the installation of rubber floorcoverings up to 4mm thick without the need for the adhesive to develop tack. In addition, ARDEX AF 2300 is easy to apply and due to its high yield has a very competitive cost per m².

Commenting on the project, John Collier, Sales Director of Loughton Contracts said, “This large installation required a proven, fast track solution that would ensure minimum disruption to the airport. By working with ARDEX we could deliver exceptional results, and the peace of mind that is synonymous with ARDEX’s advanced flooring products, assured a rapid and perfect finish, completed on schedule”.


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