The Ritz Carlton Residences, Baltimore, MD


Located in the heart of Federal Hill in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, The Ritz Carlton Residences epitomize luxury and quality. The intricate design of the balconies offering a waterline view required 3” keystone caps that, unfortunately, created dams. These dams caused water pooling. Combined with a lack of waterproofing on the concrete balconies, the pooling put the exterior surfaces of these prestigious residences at risk for moisture damage and stagnate water pooling.


  • Building balconies were holding standing water because of keystone caps at the balcony’s edge
  • Ponding water became stagnate and eventually flowed back into the residences


ARDEX ARDICOAT™ PLUS was applied to waterproof the balconies. ARDEX ARDICOAT is an easy-to-apply waterproof coating for all types of concrete and masonry. It can be troweled or sprayed on horizontal or vertical surfaces on all grade levels. A gutter was created by removing a small section of the balcony keystone. In addition, gaps were filled at the balcony edges and ARDEX ERM™ Exterior Ramp Mortar was used to repair the fascia. ARDEX ERM has a corrosion inhibitor built-in to protect reinforcing steel which is needed for long-term protection for outdoor balconies. This combination of ARDEX Engineered Concrete Repair Systems products was the perfect, long-term solution for The Ritz-Carlton Residences.



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