Trolley Square is a 239,000-square-foot former trolley car barn built in 1908.

The refurbishment requires: upstairs – 17,000 sq. ft. of ceramic tile to be transformed into a polymer-modified cement diamond design floor. Work could only be completed at night to allow the mall to be open during the day. Schedules were set up to stop work and cover the floor with paper to accommodate mall traffic. This created challenges in making the stopping points look seamless.

Downstairs – 30 years of wax was built-up on the century old pavers brick flooring.


  • 39,000 square feet
  • Multiple substrates
  • Varying elevations, often as much as every 4 or 5 feet
  • Night work only – mall open for business during the day


Day one: Shotblasting the ceramic tile
Day two: Pour ARDEX EP-2000, a solvent free two coat substrate preparation epoxy, broadcasted with sand
Day three: Pour ARDEX SD-T® and the same night cut a diamond pattern and border to take on the appearance of the fine tile
Day four: Seal and stain the ARDEX SD-T® in two colors. Very difficult to stain and seal in the same day!
The following routine completed continuously over a 5 week period
Day one: Shotblast brick to remove wax
Day two: Clean pavers with a pneumatic needle scaler and repoint the grout
Day three: Painstakingly repair broken pavers with colored cement
Day four: Apply two coats of floor coating


Installer: E.B. Berger ARDEX LevelMaster Elite Installer®

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