Tesla Motors Showroom was scheduled to open in Washington Square Mall in Portland, Oregon. The 2,000 square-foot space had been converted multiple times by previous tenants. As a result, the floors were in severe disrepair. After the old vinyl flooring was removed there were height variations of zero to three inches throughout the floor. These slopes and gouges had to be addressed before the new tile flooring could be installed. Per Tesla Motors specifications, the finished floor had to be flat and smooth.


  • 2,000 square- foot installation area
  • Four-day installation time frame
  • Showroom space being converted after several previous tenants
  • Extreme height variations up to three inches
  • Zero floor height variations tolerated


On day one, the Pure Floors, Inc. crew shaved and grinded the subfloor to achieve a medium-high surface elevation throughout the floor. The floor was then primed with ARDEX P 51™ Primer. The next day, ARDEX V 1200™ Self-Leveling Flooring Underlayment was poured to achieve a smooth, flat, stable floor. Paragon Tile & Stone was astounded by the ease and the flatness result of ARDEX V 1200. ‘This is the flattest floor I’ve ever been able to set tile over and I’ve been doing this a very long time!’ The floor was now properly prepared to receive the tile; ARDEX X 5™ Thin Set Mortar was used by Paragon Tile & Stone, Inc. to install the large format 12” x 24” porcelain tiles on the walls and floors. ARDEX X 5 is ideal for setting large format tile on floors and walls because of its very good shear strength and sag resistance.

The combination of ARDEX Tile & Stone Installation Systems and ARDEX substrate preparation products provided Tesla Motors with a five year ARDEX SystemOne™ Warranty. ARDEX Sales Professionals William White and Jon Esteve were available throughout the project to address installation concerns and provide recommendations for both Pure Floors and Paragon Tile & Stone, Inc. ARDEX high-performance products got the job finished on-time and on budget allowing Tesla Motors to showcase their highperformance automobiles in a premium brand environment.


Contractor: Pure Floors, Inc. – Portland, OR
Installer: Paragon Tile & Stone, Inc. – Tigard, OR

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