St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, Dublin


St. Vincent’s Private Hospital planned to move into a new state-of-the-art facility in November of 2010. The pre-stressed concrete slabs were creating undulations in the subfloor and with limited time to correct imperfections, ARDEX Ireland was contacted for a solution.


  • 26,000m2 installation area over two-block area
  • Fast-track installation time frame
  • Underground link corridor 1500m2


ARDEX Ireland recommended ARDEX K 301 Exterior Self-Smoothing Leveling and Resurfacing Compound, ARDEX K 11 Leveling and Smoothing Compound, and ARDEX EB 2 Rapid Hardening Cement for Floor Screeds to prepare areas on a strict schedule. These ARDEX products were specified because of fast installation properties and ease of use.

To prepare the site to receive the leveling compounds, the pre-stressed concrete was cleaned of all dust, dirt and grease. Once cleaned, ARDEX K 301was used to pre-level the floor to receive the epoxy waterproof coating. ARDEX P 82 Water Dispersed Epoxy Primer was used as a bonding and priming agent to increase the bond strength to the pre-stressed slabs. ARDEX P 82 also dries quickly allowing for minimal down time before floor leveling.

Once the leveling compounds cured, ARDEX EWC (ABPIL Epoxy Waterproof Coating) Water Based Epoxy Membrane was installed. ARDEX EWC creates a vapor barrier over freshly laid concrete and allows installation of floor covering with no fear of failure caused by moisture from the concrete or the ground in areas on and below grade.

Once the ARDEX EWC had sufficiently dried, it was primed with a coat of ARDEX P 82 Water Dispersed Epoxy Primer. ARDEX P 82 Water Dispersed Epoxy Primer was used as a bonding and priming agent to increase the bond strength to the concrete floor below. ARDEX P 82 is the preferred primer when bonding to smooth or dense surfaces. ARDEX P 82 also dries quickly allowing for a minimal amount of down time before moving to the leveling compounds.

As a final step, ARDEX K 11 was poured into place. ARDEX K 11 was the best choice for this installation; because other contractor services could continue with their work in only 2 ½ hours and the final floor covering could be installed the next day.

ARDEX Ireland worked closely with the project design team and John Paul Construction to ensure the project was successfully completed on schedule and to the specifications required by Scott Tallon Walker Architects.
Best Sustainable Building – Highly Commended 2012


Advance Flooring Limited – Dublin, Ireland
Crean Mosaics Tiling & Flooring – Dublin, Ireland

General Contractor: John Paul Construction – Dublin, Ireland

Architect: Scott Tallon Walker Architects – Dublin, Ireland

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