Shangri-La Group owns a number of luxury hotels and resorts throughout the world’s major cities and tourist attractions. International hospitalities and luxury facilities of Shangri-La bring unforgettable enjoyment to guests all over the world.


As a five star hotel, Shangri-La has very high requirements on water proof job and tile installation.

Swimming pools and Spa rooms are located in a humid environment for a long time. It means both waterproofing and moisture-proofing are needed. In order to avoid potential dangers caused by humidity, it is necessary to set the coating for anticorrosion based on the structure of the pool.

For illustration, the swimming pool of Tianjin Shangri-La Hotel is located on the third floor of the building. To make sure neither rising damp nor leak would occur in the future, high quality of waterproofing on the negative side of below grade surface is necessary to adjacent floors.

Normally, pools are filled in with water for a long time. The chlorine in the water is acidic. Lime scales and mosses can easily accumulate at the bottom of pools as well as pool walls. It impacts beauty of the swimming pool under the circumstances of acid-Alkali corrosion.


Use ARDEX WPM 300 water based epoxy membrane and ARDEX WPM 006 water proofing membrane as professional solutions to waterproofing, moisture and negative hydrostatic pressure resistant damp poof.

As a tile adhesive, ARDEX X 24 has excellent tensile adhesion and water resistance. It retains high performance of bonding strength in swimming pools area when using with ARDEX E 72. And ARDEX E 72 works as an enhancer of tile adhesive which also has high performance on acid and alkali resistance. Using ARDEX X 24 with ARDEX E 72 is a reliable combination on swimming pool tile installation.

Use ARDEX EG 2 Epoxy Grout would minimize the impact of lime scales and mosses. ARDEX EG 2 contains antimicrobial protection and outstanding stain resistance. It would perform perfectly on anti-pollution in swimming pools.

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