Radio Television Hong Kong is the public broadcasting service of Hong Kong. It currently operates seven radio channels and three television channels, and produces educational, entertainment, and public affairs programmes that are also broadcast on commercial television channels. These radio channels are being on-air nonstop everyday, all round 24 hours.


Existing waterproofing system was found aged and a number of waterproofing seepage have been noted. It was challenging to have a complete re-roofing of a 24-hour operation building without noise nuisance.

Sheltercoat 157 PU spray applied membrane system is capable to be applied directly on the existing roof concrete tile, concrete surface or metal surface without removal.

Due to this application method, there will be no noise disturbance and waste material from the site, which is also an environmental friendly re-roofing solution.


Installer Hancrete Engineering Co. Ltd.
Owner Hong Kong Government (ASD)

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