The Old Synagogue in Essen is considered one of the most architecturally important free standing synagogue buildings in Europe from the 20th Century. When time came to refurbish the building the architect wanted to increase the interior quality of the building, give it a more spacious design and ensure a long lasting durable floor for the high traffic areas.


  • 1,200 m2
  • High traffic area
  • Seamless floor system


PANDOMO® FloorPlus

The architect decided to use PANDOMO® FloorPlus. PANDOMO FloorPlus offered the designer a spacious effect caused by using a flooring system with minimal joints. Installation consisted of 1,200 m2 of PANDOMO FloorPlus in discreet warm apricot colors which covered the main floors and was carried up the staircases.

PANDOMO FloorPlus is similar to PANDOMO® Floor with the exception of a special hand trowel technique and fine mineral float added to the surface to create an even stronger, more durable surface. The final result was a modern reduced design giving the floor a clean and noble look.



  • Farbecht Maler GmbH – Köln, Germany


  • LJY Lothar Jeromin Architect – Essen, Germany

Interior Designer:

  • Lorenzo Piqueras Architect – Paris, France

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