In Germany, the current trends in school architecture are light and airy. A school is not only a place of learning, but also a place to spend time, relax and socialise. Studies show, this architectural style may have positive long term effects on learning, student happiness and success. When designing this new secondary school the architect wanted to reflect that style. Other design factors the architect wanted to take into consideration were Passive House Energy Standards and to incorporate the region’s surrounding geological landscape. To achieve this balance, Hascher Jehle Architects of Berlin turned to ARDEX Germany.


  • 2,400 m2
  • High Traffic area
  • Staircase with individually crafted steps
  • Passive House Energy Standards


PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic was the perfect solution for this installation. PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic stands apart from a traditional terrazzo floor system by incorporating local aggregates instead of the traditionally more expensive decorative aggregates. PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic is also faster than traditional terrazzo to install, which is important for installation with limited time.

This installation was divided into 55 m2 sections to a depth of five to seven centimetres. Depending on the area’s designed color scheme either white or beige binder was poured with special locally sourced blue or black quartz aggregates. This design was carried up the staircases and required special attention on the central spiral staircase where each step was individually hand crafted. The final effect was an overall homogeneity with an irregular look and distinctive regional character.

PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic helped meet Passive House Energy Standards design with its high mass and thermal retention properties. The school has been awarded the European Union’s “Green Building” Certificate as it meets high standards of energy efficiency.



  • Hascher Jehle Architect – Berlin, Germany


  • Hascher Jehle Architect – Berlin, Germany

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