The Iserlohn Roosters have a lot planned for this season. The Sauerland team wants to score not only in the German ice hockey league, but also with its fans and sponsors. As a result the ice rink at Seilersee was recently converted and expanded. The new and exclusive VIP area in the gallery in the northern side of the hall has become the trademark of the team. The individually designed flooring with its traditional terrazzo look has been seamlessly laid over 350 m2 to striking effect. Quality with a unique character.

Terrazzo flooring has become a rare sight. The designer was challenged to counteract the stylish and formal entrance to the VIP Lounge with an artistic and individual floor design. A stylish, natural, homogenous and generous effect was chosen which was tough, fast to install and yet still tough.


The new flooring with its decorative mineral aggregate and fast drying cement was developed as a quality alternative to a traditional terrazzo floor. The option of creating a unique design and the quick and cost-efficient installation process made the decision easy. Building delays by other trades meant that the contractor had less than 2 weeks to complete the installation work. The floor in the VIP Lounge has a light grey tone, created by the colour of the binding agent. This is how a large-scale, clear vision was created.The decorative mineral aggregate ensures an eye-catching feature with its small or large aggregates decorated in black white or red.Perfectly in line with the theme of the room.

The brass rails used to form the casting bays further emphasized the features with their form and black undertone. Even the team logo for the Iserlohn Roosters was carefully prepared with templates and incorporated directly in the middle of the surface.

This is how the floor with its own look and individual form was seamlessly created over 350 m2. A unique piece, in following with the century-old tradition of terrazzo flooring, was completed in just 11 days – from preparation to the finishing touches – and completely satisfied with its look and practical efficiency.

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