Celeste Villa is a residential complex of 10 ultra luxury villas located on the Costa Blanca of Spain.


The Mediterranean style of those luxury villas required a bright white finish wich stands abrasion (due to beach sand) weather and uv rays for long time. Also as vacation villas, soft anti-slip finish was needed which allows the customers to go around pools and gardens wihtout falling risk.


Seire has a wide range of resins from epoxy to polyurethane, polyurea and others that makes easy to find a solution in each case. The selected solution was based in aliphatic polyurethane resins in order to avoid yellowing due to UV rays. After priming with SIREPOX TOP PLUS (100% epoxy resin) the floor was leveled using the self-levelling polyurethane resin PROBITANO AUTONIVELANTE. Once the self-levelling polyurethane was cured, a coat of alyphatic ultra white polyurethane PROBITANO R20 was applied on top, this coat will give all the system the bright mediterranean look. The final step was to apply a thin coat of PROBITANO R ANTIRRAYADO mixed with very small glass beads to provide the anti-slip solution with a soft feel wich doesn’t disturb the villa’s users in their stays.


Applicator: ASYMA, S.L.

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