Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex is a £38m facility in Bangor, Northern Ireland. It offers an excellent choice of sporting and leisure activities. Designed by McAdam Design, this building features 3 swimming pools, leisure waters and extensive gym facilities.


A state of the art leisure centre incorporates an Olympic sized swimming pool along with the following:

  • Wet side facilities: Submersible booms allowing the sub division of the pool for various activities. The floor of the 50m pool is moveable to allow the depth within the pool to vary to a maximum depth of 2.0m.
  • 1 diving pool
  • Leisure pool facilities to include wave machine, pirate’s ship and Children’s water slides.
  • All associated changing and shower facilities to service the above wet site facilities.

A full specification and technical backup was required for the construction of this large scale leisure Centre


Ardex Ireland were delighted to work alongside J&G Agencies to do a full specification for this prestigious Leisure centre in Bangor Co. Down. Ardex gave full technical back up on site as well as on-site demonstration of products to be used. We provided a system for screeding, rendering, waterproofing, adhesive and grout.


  • Ardex A 38: This rapid hardening and drying cement is ideal for internal or external use. Traditional sand/cement screeds can take months to dry, but an ARDEX A 38 screed can receive tiles after only 4 hours, regardless of thickness, to produce a bonded, un-bonded or floating floor screed.
  • Ardex AM100: Specially formulated pre-blended cement/sand render, requiring only the addition of water to produce a slump free mortar which can be applied from 2-20mm, and is ready to receive wall tiling only 2 hours after application.
  • Ardex S7 Flexible Waterproof Coating for Swimming Pools
  • Ardex X 7W Plus: ARDEX X 7W Plus is a versatile multipurpose tile adhesive, with enhanced properties of adhesion. It is suitable for fixing ceramic, porcelain, glass mosaics, and most non-moisture sensitive natural stone floor and wall tiles. Offering frost and weather resistant properties, it can be used internally and externally.
  • Ardex E G8: This is a cement/epoxy hybrid grout and adhesive with excellent resistance to most chemicals but, unlike traditional epoxy grouts, ARDEX EG 8 is easy to apply, requires no special tools, and can be cleaned off the tile surface up to 45 minutes after application.
  • Ardex FS: Advanced manufacturing processes ensure uniform colour distribution of this grout powder which eliminates ‘streaking’ during mixing. The Ardex FS Grout is water repellent and dirt resistant, is suitable for wall tiling and narrow joints in floors.

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