In 2019, ADIDAS was looking at a new store concept for their locations all over the world. ARDEX was fortunate to work with Stadler Interior Service to adopt the concept, starting with their first store in Wertheim, Germany at the end of 2019.


The product chosen for the store concept was PANDOMO K 3 FloorPlus, which is a gray, cementitious floor covering allowing for an almost unlimited range of design options. The product’s load-bearing capacity is equivalent to that of parquet floors or natural stone which makes it a durable solution for retail stores. All stores ranged from 500 and 1,200 m²

After the completion of the first store in Germany, many more facilities following, including locations in UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Most recently, the stores in Salzburg, Austria and Brussels, Belgium were realised in May / June 2021. More shops will follow this year in Spain and France.

The next projects are already in the works for China and Hong Kong – showing ADIDAS is also interested in the concept from Europe there.

To learn more about the PANDOMO line of products, visit the website here:



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