The new ThyssenKrupp headquarters is the workplace for more than 2,000 employees in Essen and represents the new centerpiece of the company. In this building the client wanted an unusual place for employees and visitors to reflex and find their inner balance.

The architect designed an ambitious room with a seven meter tall foyer and an adjacent main room with a free floating cube in the center. The architect wanted a homogeneous design for all the surfaces in the room.


  • Seven meter tall walls
  • Cube focal point that is suspended from the ceiling
  • Seamless floor
  • Homogeneous floor, walls and ceiling


ARDEX Germany offered PANDOMO® by ARDEX as a solution. The PANDOMO® System is a solution where one style of material can be applied on all surfaces. On the walls and ceiling they used PANDOMO® Wall in a light crème color. On the floor PANDOMO® Floor and PANDOMO® Loft was utilized. These products give the impression of a room cut from stone without any joints. All surfaces have a silky noble gloss which gives the room a simple, high quality elegance.



  • Heinz Vorwerk GmbH – Warendorf, Germany
  • Otto – Aman GmbH – Beelen, Germany


  • JSWD Architects – Köln, Germany
  • Chaix & Morel and Associates – Paris, France

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