The ravages of time are everywhere and unrelenting. The existing terrace had suffered badly due to the severe weather conditions below the Untersberg mountain near Salzburg.


As the old finishes had already become very loose in some places, they were completely removed and the substrate levelled perfectly with ARDEX S 21.

Once optimised in this way, GUTJAHR’s Watec 3E drainage and decoupling system could be laid ready to receive the 30 x 30 cm porcelain stoneware tiles without the need for any further repairs to the substrate. And once again, ARDEX system products proved to be extremely dependable assistants: ARDEX 8+9 waterproofing compound, ARDEX FB 9 L pourable thin set mortar and ARDEX FL rapid-setting flexible tile grout to finish the job.

The result: optimum protection with a harmonious overall appearance on all fronts. Matching edge beads, internal and external corners plus bent-up edge beads prevent a view of the terrace floor make-up.

But even more important is the fact that any water infiltrating can be drained away accurately via the drainage slits in the Watec 3E, thus preventing the water from seeping behind the construction.

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