Düsseldorf has a new landmark. The skyline is now even better thanks to the award-winning Sky Office building at Kennedydamm. Christoph Ingenhoven designed the 89 m tower in a transparent casing with 23 floors and an office area of more than 30,000 m2.

The interior is clear and light. The ceiling-high glass creates a working atmosphere that is engulfed in light. On the ground floor, the signature of the building with its impressive entrance and inviting cafeteria is further supported by an unusual choice of material and colour for the flooring. The designers purposefully chose an exclusive pure white floor with a traditional terrazzo look – over 1,300 m2. This gives the room its own character: the simple white of the floor defines the atmosphere.


  • 89m tower in a transparent casing with 23 floors and an office area of more than 30,000 m2.
  • Pure floors for a one-off design.
  • An unusual choice of material and colour for the flooring over 1,300m2


The result is a pure and modern look, which succeeds in not being too cold. Seamless over a large surface – a continuous and calming look. A personalised shade of special white with fine additives makes the floor unique. A new, high-quality concept was chosen to achieve this effect in the floor design.

Design quality and fast and economic application were decisive during planning. Just as important was the high durability of the material and the implementation possibilities even on raised flooring.

PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro allows smooth and finely-sanded high-quality floors to be created with a typical terrazzo look. It consists of a shrinkage compensated binding agent and a fine decorative aggregate created from various mineral additives. The design and colour can be individually chosen. The incorporated natural stone aggregate makes the floor appear more natural and organic. In the Sky Office, a white binding agent was mixed with a light aggregate to create the standard decorative aggregate.

This monochrome colour scheme required a lot of precision when being laid to rule out any discrepancies in the colour of the surface. But the material still allowed for high quality over a large surface area. Raised flooring was used as a base on which PANDOMO® ATS floor filler followed by PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro with a layer thickness of 14 mm was laid. The entire surface was then sanded numerous times. The result is high-quality, homogenous surfaces laid in an incredibly short.

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