Every year, the National Mall hosts more than 33 million visitors. With constant wear-and-tear the grass field starts to diminish in both appeal and performance. A more sustainable, greener National Mall field was needed that would attract millions more visitors. Stone work along the perimeter of the turf would require granite curbs to be set during the cold March weather of Washington D.C.


  • 2,000 sq. ft. outdoor installation
  • Very cold installation periods


The ARDEX Sales Professional was invited by Lorton Stone, LLC to come up with an alternative installation method for setting the large granite curbs along the outside of the new turf of the National Mall. ARDEX Tile and Stone Installation Systems products were selected over Laticrete, after the ARDEX Sales Pro visited the job site more than 10 times while demonstrating a single source solution complete system.

ARDEX A 38™ MIX Rapid-Set Pre Mixed Screed along with ARDEX E 100™ Screed Improvement and Bonding Slurry Additive were used to build the concrete footers to the desired height for setting the large granite curbs on top of the perimeter wall. Tile or natural stone can be installed after only 4 hours when using ARDEX A 38 MIX, and the addition of ARDEX E 100 provided improved elasticity and compressive strength, both key components for the job!

ARDEX X 78™ MICROTEC® Semi-Pourable Tile and Stone Mortar was selected for live setting the 2,000 square feet of granite curbs. The unmatched 60 minute open time combined with excellent flexibility and strength of ARDEX 78 gave installers ample adjustment time for setting the heavy stones into place. The Lorton installers then used polymer-modified ARDEX FH™ Sanded Floor and Wall Grout, for finishing the installation. ARDEX FH is weather resistant and unaffected by water providing additional protection and ease of installation in the unpredictable March weather.

Renovations to the National Mall turf perimeter and granite curb wall were successfully completed this past summer on time for the busy tourist season in the summer of 2016.


Tile Contractor: Lorton Stone, LLC
General Contractor: Clark Construction
Architect: HOK

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