• 5,200 square-meter installation area
  • Two-month installation time frame
  • Installation progressing with parts of the workshop in use
  • Substrate uneven and new floor to be laid to drainage falls
  • Floor to withstand heavy vehicle traffic and rigorous cleaning


The proposal to use an ARDEX installed Argelith 18 mm porcelain tile was approved by the client
because it was the most cost-effective, long term solution. Alternative proposals using epoxy coatings had lower initial costs but the service life expectations were lower than ARDEX products.

Since disruption to the BMW workshop operations was considerable the client chose a longer term solution. The work was done in stages with the new ARDEX A 38 Screed being laid to falls and new Argelith tile were installed with ARDEX X 78 Tile Adhesive after just 12 hours. Grouting with ARDEX WA was completed 24 hours later. The ARDEX Middle East Technical Sales Manager made frequent site visits throughout the duration of the project to ensure the installation and finishing were properly completed. The finished result was a beautiful yet durable floor for Doha BMW.


Installer: SRTC Contractors – Doha, Qatar
Architect: GSE Group, China

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