Vallsur is a 20 years old mall located in the city of Valladolid (200 km nord from Madrid, Spain’s capital). Is the most important mall of the city with about 36.000 sqm and 2.000 parking spaces.


The old WALLSUR mall needed to refurbished without closing to minimize the affectation in sales and to customers. The old natural stones of the mall common areas were to be removed, the substrate repaired and the new stones installed over nights and without staining the new stone slabs. By the other hand, the parking areas, needed to be recoated with a coating resistant to vehicles traffic and with no odour or solvents which could disturb the customers.

Used Products


Ultra Rapid Drying Cement for Internal Screeds


MICROTEC natural stone and tile adhesive, white


Water-based, two-component epoxy paint

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In the mall common areas the old natural stones were removed and a new ARDEX A35 was builded up before the installation of the new natural stone tiles, by means of ARDEX N23W white natural stone adhesive, which were grouted with ARDEX MG, natural stone grout. The system was selected because is all formulated with Ardurapid(R) cement, which means rapid setting and drying due to water combination inside the mortar, what prevents the natural stone to stain. The parking areas were coated, after substrate’s mechanical preparation, with two coats of the water based epoxy paint, SEIREPOX 10W. SEIREPOX 10W was selected because is a resistant, easy to apply paint with very low odour due to its water based formulation. Using SEIREPOX 10W the recoating was done without disturbing mall’s customers.


Contractor: OPROLER

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