German poet Theodor Fontane instituted a folk memory of this seigniorial residence; whole generations of school pupils have recited his lines on the good-hearted lord of the manor. The present owner, the district of Havelland, now intends to make good use of the building’s unique popularity. It is currently having the neo-baroque manor, neglected and used as a retirement home in GDR times, radically refurbished and restored to high standards as an art heritage centre. The craftsmen face the task of installing 1,200 m2 of tiling in line with the vast range of requirements that apply to this listed-building site.

Used Products


Substrate Preparation Epoxy Primer


Industrial Levelling Compound




MICROTEC® Semi-Pourable Tile and Stone Mortar​​​​​​​​​​


Flexible joint mortar


Quarz sand

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All building activities are nowadays subject to a broad and diverse range of laws, standards and regulations. The majority of architectural monuments, on the other hand, originate from an age in which none of these were even dreamt of. It therefore often appears scarcely possible to meet these requirements while at the same time conforming to warranty-related stipulations.

This task demands highly professional skills from the craftsmen, along with materials of absolute and uncompromising quality. The input for the tile-laying project at Schloss Ribbeck was correspondingly high. The “site” comprised the entire floor surface of the ramified foyer of the manor, a building dating from the 1890s, as well as the wall and floor surfaces of the professional-standard kitchen, the storage rooms in the basement, the heating rooms and the WC and separate shower rooms on three storeys.

The client requested installation of special features, such as friezes, mouldings, niches, etc. Plus, of course, individual, bespoke installation solutions – all in harmony with the historic-buildings regulations. For instance, practically every room had a different – and generally extremely uneven – floor structure, necessitating not only the use of a wide array of materials throughout but also commensurate experience in their use. Speed was also of the essence since the completion deadlines – with the other skilled renovation work still pending – were pressing.

Thanks to precisely matched ARDEX products, the work was finished on time, and to the client’s complete satisfaction.

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