Construction of the largest hospital in Denmark; 55,000 sqm floor levelling.
Construction Manager Mads Valentin of Hammelsvang A/S talks about the project:
“Such a construction poses some clear challenges in terms of both the working environment and logistics. We were up to 1200 craftsmen from many professional groups going on here at the same time. It therefore required tight planning as well as coordination of own work and between the professional groups to make things work. We constantly focused on optimizing everything from individual work processes to the delivery of materials.

Used Products


Multi-purpose primer


Self-leveling smoothing compound


Solvent-free floor adhesive


Primerless Fine Filler

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The floor work was carried out with the self-leveling ARDEX K 15 smoothing compound, which provides coat-proof floors in one workflow. In addition, the company used the solvent-free new floor adhesive ARDEX AF 720, which is easy to apply, as well as the robust universal repair mortar ARDEX A 31 for alignment and filling.
All products are EC 1-labeled and the labeling documents that the products do not deliver harmful substances to the environment. This is a very important factor in the project, explains Torben Kjemtrup, an ARDEX technical consultant on the matter:
“The requirement for emission-free materials is not only about ensuring a healthy and comfortable indoor climate for super-hospital users. It is also about the consideration of the performers’ working environment. Many levelling compounds emit emissions while they are wet, but this does not apply to the compounds from ARDEX.
In addition, it also plays a role in the work environment and the efficiency at work, for example, that the ARDEX K 15 is self levelling, as does it not crack even in thick layers. Hence, the material consumption is reduced and subfloors with a completely uniform quality even on large areas are easily made.
Finally, the high wearability and compressive strength of the products contribute to ensuring that the finished floors can withstand heavy daily traffic for many years to come. Torben Kjemtrup, who has advised Hammelsvang around the project since the beginning explains:
– In hospitals, there are generally high demands on the durability of materials. It is very costly to shut down for operating rooms or traffic areas due to maintenance, so there is great focus on ensuring floors with as long a life as possible.


Hammelsvang A/S

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