Novo Nordisk’s new domicile in Bagsværd is designed by Henning Larsen Architects along with SLA as landscape architects. ARDEX has had the opportunity to put its mark on the distinctive construction.
ARDEX was advised as the arrival area in front of Novo Nordisk’s new domicile that was to be covered with Norwegian natural slate. The unusual coating required strong special solutions, which at the same time gave it the right look. ARDEX therefore supplied high strength concrete with addition of carefully measured amounts of dye for mixing on site.

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The flooring in natural stone required some completely unique solutions.
“We have partly been involved in the exterior arrival areas in front of the building. Here we had to lay big Norwegian slate tiles of different dimensions and appearance. And partly we helped ensure that the interior of the hall with natural stone was as desired. Both parts have been very exciting and different, but especially the exterior work was unusual, “says Mikkel Falkenstrøm, who has been the ARDEX technical consultant on the assignment. He has been in charge of the solutions together with technical adviser Frank Kosack Henriksen from ARDEX.
Laying of the slate tiles was first and foremost a challenge because the weight of the tiles made it impossible to use a common tile adhesive. Many of the tiles measured several m² and weighed hundreds of kilos. Therefore, the task required ‘impossible’ adhesive thicknesses of up to 40 mm, explains Mikkel Falkenstrøm:
“In a regular tile adhesive, the tiles would just start to sink and glide. Therefore, our recommendation was to apply a grouting slurry on the underlying concrete blocks and then apply our high strength concrete ARDEX A 38 MIX rather than use a tile adhesive. This would provide optimum adhesion and make the substrate sufficiently strong for later traffic of lorries and buses”.
In addition, there was a requirement that the cement should not discolor the overlying slate tiles, and the color of the joints between the tiles should have the correct, dark shade. ARDEX managed to meet both requirements, choosing to use ARDEX A 38 MIX for tile grouts as well:
“ARDEX A 38 MIX has a so-called ARDURAPID effect, which means that it binds the mixing water crystalline so that it does not evaporate through the stones at risk of discoloration. At the same time, it can be mixed to a certain extent with dye. These two factors – along with the high strength – made it an obvious choice for the joint, “says Mikkel Falkenstrøm.
To facilitate the performance, the cement was delivered with precisely metered amounts of dye so they were ready to mix on the site. More than 200 tonnes of A 38 MIX was used in this project.



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