National Aeronautics and Space Administration Ellington Field Hangar 276 was in use for more than 60 years and needed upgrades to the facility. A six-year-old epoxy floor coating had failed because of moisture issues. Because of adhesion and moisture issues, the epoxy manufacturer would not warrant a new installation.


• Maintain clean environment during installation
• Work around ongoing aircraft hangar repairs

Used Products


Stain & Wear Protection High Gloss (6 units)


Lithium Hardener Densifier for Standard Concrete (17 units)


​Low Viscosity Rigid Polyurethane Crack & Joint Repair​​ (120 tubes)

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ARDEX Sales Professional Jaime Colmenero worked with Ron Caron of Business Flooring Specialists and proposed ARDEX Polished Concrete Systems (APCS) to address moisture issues and fulfill the need for an easily maintainable floor. The environmental and sustainable qualities of polished concrete were an added bonus. APCS floors have high reflectivity reducing the need for overhead lighting. As an ARDEX Choice ContractorTM, Business Flooring Specialists installation of ARDEX Polished Concrete Systems was backed by a 10-Year extended warranty. The ARDEX team worked to ensure all products were available when needed to speed up installation.
The high-gloss ARDEX PC FINISH conducted such a high reflectivity that repairmen working on the aircraft did not need individual flashlights to light their way as they worked. NASA technicians tested the air environment in the hangar during the grinding process and were pleased they met NASA air quality requirements. NASA officials were so satisfied with ARDEX Polished Concrete Systems that a proposal for additional installations in two other NASA hangars has been submitted. Because of the excellent work done by ARDEX Choice Contractor Business Flooring Specialists, they will install those polished concrete floors.


Business Flooring Specialists – Houston, TX
ARDEX Choice ContractorTM -Polished Concrete

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