The most modern logistics centre in Europe today is located in Weilerswist, south of Cologne. The building is owned by dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, Karlsruhe, one of Germany’s leading health and beauty retail chains. The development covers an area of 50,000 m2 and comprises a multistorey high-bay warehouse, a huge order picking warehouse for boxed goods and one for small items, plus administrative offices. Inside the massive halls, a professionally designed colour scheme serves to motivate and guide the 1,000-plus workforce.


• The priority in the large halls was to brighten up the monotone grey reinforced concrete with paint
• The rough look of the reinforced concrete in the three frequently used stairwells adjacent to these was to be replaced by a superior-quality finish with extremely smooth, flat wall surfaces.
• A wall filling compound was required to be applied in the large size and height of the stairwells quickly and efficiently with minimum effort.

Used Products


Solvent-free primer

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The contractor opted for sprayable ARDEX W 820 SUPERFINISH wall filler. Using this polymer-modified gypsum filling compound, even substantial layers up to 20 mm thick can be sprayed on over large areas quickly and easily in just one operation. All suitable mixing and feed pumps can be used for this process, as well as airless equipment.
First the entire concrete substrate was primed with ARDEX P 51 to bind dust and consolidate the surface, and some formwork joints were prefilled. Then ARDEX W 820 was mixed in the hobbock to produce a smooth, flexible mortar, which was sprayed uniformly onto the wall to a thickness of approx. 1 mm using a feed pump. The material’s long working and reworking time also proved especially advantageous on site.
Thanks to its high filling capacity, it took care of bumps, gaps, slits and the like in the same operation. The highly flexible spraying technique proved a particular advantage here, as it largely eliminated the need for complicated scaffolding structures in the stairways.

Once the first layer of filler had dried out completely, a second, somewhat thinner coat was applied, which was then carefully sanded. Storey by storey, this resulted in absolutely smooth, top-quality surfaces that were ready to paint.

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