The highest GUTJAHR terrace in the world: at the Badener alpine lodge on the Grossvenediger mountain.
Situated on the slopes of the majestic Grossvenediger mountain, the Badener alpine lodge belongs to the Baden branch of the Austrian Alpine Association. The owners decided to choose the best system straightaway in order to spare themselves expensive helicopter flights in the future. Not surprisingly, they chose GUTJAHR AquaDrain EK surface drainage from ARDEX.


Just imagine: You have a terrace 2,608 m above sea level and it needs refurbishing! It goes without saying that you need a reliable, safe and above all long-lasting solution. At this altitude, buildings, and their external facilities in particular, are exposed to the most extreme weather conditions. No wonder the popular panorama terrace was once again in urgent need of refurbishment!

Used Products


Pourable ShearFlex Mortar​​​​​

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This natural stone surface drainage, specially developed for laying in single-grain mortar, suppresses capillary action, prevents the build-up of moisture and therefore offers long-lasting protection against efflorescence and frost damage. In addition, the effective drainage principle guarantees fast drying of the floor covering. AquaDrain EK raises the single-grain mortar, which creates a minimum 95% cavity suitable for drainage and means it is possible to achieve a water drainage capacity up to 20 times better than that achieved with a single-grain mortar alone.

And just to round off this project perfectly, the specialist team used ARDEX FB 9 L pourable thin set mortar between the polygonal tiles and the mortar bed. The terrace of the Badener alpine lodge is now ready for wet days and freezing weather – for a long time to come.

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