Des Projets
Centres de loisirs

Terrace refurbishment in Anif

The ravages of time are everywhere and unrelenting. The existing terrace had suffered badly due to the severe weather conditions below the Untersberg mountain near Salzburg.
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House in the mountain

Natural stone puts even the professionals to the test time and again. So it’s good to know that ARDEX, the provider of choice for high-quality special products, also has prime solutions at the ready for such materials.
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Amberger Erlebniswelten

The “Kurfürstenbad” in Amberg is a popular swimming pool and leisure centre for the entire Upper Palatinate district of Bavaria – its architecture and concept make it a true gem.
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Kurhaus Bad Füssing

Bad Füssing, in Lower Bavaria, is Europe’s most popular spa by number of guests; the “Kurhaus” (spa centre), with its large “Kursaal” hall, is the hub of the town’s annual events season.
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Folkwang Museum

One of the Ruhr area’s biggest cities, Essen, is getting its new Museum Folkwang just in time for the City’s Cultural Year in 2010.
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Century Hall Bochum

Visitors to the Century Hall Bochum lounge are greeted with what can only be compared to a long, stretched half pipe.
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