University Hospital Aintree

ARDEX are regularly relied upon by the NHS to deliver cost efficient, performance led flooring solutions for their varied locations within the UK, whether it be for hospitals, clinics, or laboratories. One such recent project has seen ARDEX team up with flooring contractor, PCS Flooring of Merseyside, to complete the flooring for an extensive new build project at the University Hospital Aintree.

Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is very proud of its latest addition to the ever expanding University Hospital Site, and the new £40 million Elective Care Centre scheme means that outpatient clinics and daycase surgery, currently located on the Walton Hospital site in Rice Lane, will relocate to the new four storey building.

The Elective Care Centre will offer four operating theatre suites, two major treatment rooms, a pre-operative assessment unit, pre-discharge ward and an admission department, plus outpatient clinics and substantial radiology facilities – all linked by a bridge corridor to the main hospital.

To commence the 9000m² project, the floor areas received ARDEX DPM 1 C One Coat Surface Damp Proof Membrane, which has been significantly proven throughout many commercial installations to deliver rapid and cost effective results. Developed for use as a one coat system, ARDEX DPM 1 C provides a membrane with high inherent strength and an excellent bond. It is easy to apply, fast curing and can accommodate Hygrometer readings up to 98% RH.

Following the application of ARDEX P 82 primer to the cured DPM, ARDEX K 11 Levelling and Smoothing Compound was applied to provide a smooth and flat surface between 3 to 6mm, ARDEX K 11 is a cost effective solution for levelling and smoothing sub-floors such as cement/sand screeds, gypsum screeds and concrete. Fast track projects benefit from ARDEX K 11 as it is hard enough to walk on only 2½ hours after application and final floorcoverings such as vinyl, linoleum, carpet etc., can normally be applied the next day. In addition, it can also be used with underfloor heating systems and is fully compatible with the comprehensive range of screeds, repair mortars, DPM’s and floorcovering adhesives from ARDEX.

On completing the project, Mark Hughes of PCS Flooring said, “When under pressure, no other flooring systems can match the reliability and proven performance of ARDEX. As predicted, their products delivered outstanding results for this prestigious project, with the valuable ARDEX ‘peace of mind’ factor from the outset”.