Arizona State University


Arizona State University contracted for the complete renovation of the second and third floors of the Student Union Building. The project had to be completed during the summer semester. ARDEX Sales Professional Dennis Layne worked closely with Christopher Alt from Studio MA Architects on the specification of the products.

The original spec created previous to the ARDEX team’s involvement called for ARDEX SD-T™ Self-Leveling Self-Drying Topping to be used as an underlayment.


After surveying the jobsite, the ARDEX team met with Christopher Alt and the project management team from the general contractor, CORE Construction. It was recommended by the ARDEX team that the product spec be changed to ARDEX K 15™ Self-Leveling Underlayment. ARDEX SD-T originally specified for the project could be used as an underlayment, but its formulation was designed for use primarily as a topping, as opposed to an underlayment. And, it also carried a higher per bag cost. ARDEX K 15 is formulated as a high-performance