Stuttgart City Library

Raisch GmbH – Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany
Otto Aman GmbH – Beelen, Germany

Yi Architects – Köln, Germany

• Seamless vast surfaces
• Homogenous design

• High-traffic areas

The sheer architectural expression of the new Stuttgart City Library is the true highlight of this symbolic project. It is a landmark on the skyline of the city. The building is unsurpassed with its truly unique architecture and unusual concept. During the day it is an outstanding glass cube and in the night an impressive shining façade. The central element is the heart of the library. This is a completely empty cubic space over 4 floors in height with seamless smooth walls. The architect wanted a material concept of absolute homogeny and clarity.

Based on the architect’s demands for high-performance material able to produce an unbroken clean expanse, ARDEX Germany recommended PANDOMO® by ARDEX.

Four 15m X 15m square walls were covered with PANDOMO® Wall. This totaled over 1,000 square meters. The result was perfectly uniform white walls. These almost joint free walls show great space expression without a cold look. It was the skill of the applicator to realize this concept and also impart a natural individual design to the surfaces.

For the floor, the architect also demanded a jointless classic design. There was also a need for a durable surface for such a high-traffic area. PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro was offered as a solution for these design specifications. The client, architect and applicator all agreed that the efficiency of installations, finished result and value of the system made it the ideal choice. The final specification for PANDOMO TerrazzoMicro with white cement-binder and a fine white aggregate was named.

The finished result is a homogeneous grand expanse which complements the use of space and the vastness of the walls. PANDOMO TerrazzoMicro was finely ground, polished and impregnated to give a high-gloss, ultra-smooth finish.

The new library is open to the public and is a house of inspiration to science and culture. In the future, this new building is expected to be the focal point of the European district in Stuttgart.