Office Centre in Pécs

Simply good business: office centre in Pécs, Hungary

Office centres need two things in order to hold their own in the marketplace over the long term: a good location and efficient floor space. So it is no coincidence that, firstly, a top urban location was chosen and, secondly, ARDEX tile adhesive was specified for this comfortably appointed centre completed in spring 2008.

Speed, precision and durability were the watchwords for this construction project – attributes that ARDEX can satisfy supremely with its system products. A prime example is our “formula for success” ARDEX X 7 G, the flexible adhesive used for laying the tiles.

Attaching and grouting all the tiles in this project was carried out using ARDEX system products: that “formula for success” ARDEX X 7 G, plus ARDEX FL, ARDEX FS-DD and ARDEX 8+9 as the waterproofing system in the sanitary facilities.

ARDEX 8+9 complies with all moisture load categories (W1, W2, W3, W4). Viewed from the long-term perspective, choosing products from ARDEX simply makes good business sense.